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Eddieok2Dear readers of parolacce.org,
after 9 years of activity, this website was nominated among the best 100 Language Professional Blogs in 2015: it’s an initiative by bab.la, one of the most important international language portals.
A great achievement? Sure, but it’s just a starting point: in this list (where Parolacce is one of only 3 sites in Italian) Internet users will vote for the best. So, if you love italian profanities: VOTE!
Follow this link or click on the button below.
Vote for parolacce.org!
They don’t ask your email. Neither the your Bank Account Number. Just look for “Parolacce” in the list (sorted alphabetically), and click the close button “vote”: 2 seconds and you’ve finished!
And if we win, what do we win? A Kindle and books … but above all a moral prize, which is worth more than money or other stuff.

Thank you very much! 🙂

Vito Tartamella

vito tartamella

vito tartamella

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